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Scott David Meyer
Scott David Meyer
Hello friends-
A quick announcement this week: the Ed3 Podcast and Ed3 YouTube Channel are live!
I’m excited to share big ideas on the future of education and the audacious builders making this future a reality. I hope you’ll listen, watch, and subscribe. Here’s what you can learn this week: 👇

🎤 Building Trust in Non-traditional Credentials
The Ed3 Podcast features audio versions of the Ed3 articles plus interviews with Ed3 builders.
This week we featured Tim Connors, founder of He is building a platform that generates credentials for non-traditional courses. In this conversation, we explore: 
  • How to create trust in non-traditional credentials
  • The impacts of NFT credentials
  • The power of machine-readable, composable credentials
  • How communities and DAOs can use credentials
Not only can you learn from Tim, but you can also earn a credential for doing so (and see his platform in action)!
Take the Ed3 + 101 quiz after listening to the episode here:
You’ll earn your Ed3: Builders credential to show off everything you learned from this episode.
Building Trust with On-Chain Credentials - Tim Connors from by Ed3 Podcast
🎥 It's Time for Web3 to Equitably Build
I love writing and sharing big ideas on what’s possible at the intersection of web3 and education. I wanted to take these big ideas and make shorter video versions that you can watch and share.
This week is my first attempt! I would love to hear what you think:
  • Do you like the format (length, style, etc.)?
  • Should these videos be more action oriented or strategic (like this one?)
  • What would you like to watch next?
This week’s video digs into the idea that the impact of Web3 will truly be felt when we move from bits to atoms. We can move from digital world building to physical world changing. In short: it’s time for web3 to equitably build.
I hope you enjoy and subscribe ⬇️
It's Time for Web3 to Equitably Build - Creating Real-World Impact with Web3
🙏 Thanks for your continued support.
Hearing from you and having you share this work keeps me going and inspires me to think big and move fast.
If someone forwarded this to you, you can subscribe here.
Have a great weekend!
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Scott David Meyer
Scott David Meyer @MrScottMeyer

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