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The Transformation of Liquid Money

Scott David Meyer
Scott David Meyer
Good morning, or GM as we say in the web3 world! 👋
It’s been an exciting past couple of weeks as I’ve created Ed3 as an “official” business. 😎
Builders are needed to craft the future of education and web3, and I’m excited to do my part. You can check out my first version of my website and let me know what else I need here and at the link below.
Along with this work is the mundane but important tasks of things like setting up a bank account, which leads me to today’s digest.

Ed3 is an agency and studio developing the future of education with web3.
Why Can’t I Pay Myself?
This week I did the impossible - I tried to move money from one bank to another bank.
These banks are literally next to one another on the same block, one with my shiny Ed3 business account and the other with my personal account. Seems easy enough, right? I don’t have checks yet and am in the midst of setting up my direct deposit, but technology can handle this right?
Well, not so much. Two days later and an hour on the phone, and I now have a form to fill out and potential fees to move the money. I came to the same realization as Eric after this experience: crypto is going to make it.
Eric Jorgenson 🤸🏼‍♂️🎉
Every time I interact with a bank, I buy more crypto.
The Transformation of Liquid Money
Not surprisingly then, I am thinking about the transformations that happen when money becomes liquid. 
For me, it is annoying, and even slightly comical, that I can’t pay myself. Being able to move money as easily as I can with my digital wallet would make my life easier. But what could it mean for others?
This week, the Moonbirds NFT collection launched and immediately became a success.
Meet the Moonbirds
Meet the Moonbirds
What was transformational was how founder Kevin Rose viewed it as a way to raise funds for a business.
Moonbirds Launch - CEO, Kevin Rose
Moonbirds Launch - CEO, Kevin Rose
It wasn’t a JPEG he was trying to get people to buy. The NFTs were a funding mechanism to support the launch of a media empire. 👀
Venture capitalist and investors are less necessary when founders can sell equity directly to supporters in the form of NFTs.
Even more attractive, this ownership is liquid. The NFTs can be traded along with the benefits to new buyers.
Moonbirds earned over $75 million in 48 hours on their “modern-day Series A,” with 5% of all sales moving forward to continue funding the company.
Most founders and products need just a fraction of that war chest to launch. With the added benefits of building a community of marketers, supporters, and customers, NFTs provide a quick, frictionless way for businesses to fund their launch.
There are many issues that need to be hashed out with securities regulations, but seasoned entrepreneurs like Kevin Rose are hitting those issues head on, blazing a trail for others.
How Liquid Capital Helps Those in Need
The opportunities from liquid capital are more world-changing when considered in new contexts. When money is liquid for the unbanked, those in need, and migrants, opportunities follow.
This week, Vriti and I looked at The Transformation of Charity through Web3. In short, how philanthropy can improve when assets become liquid.
In the article, we explored how Web3 enables coordinationcash transfer, and congruence. These three C’s are the foundations to the future of charitable giving, unlocking new strategies such as NFT giving, gamified giving, staked yield giving, and more.
Just click below and tell me what you think.
Have a great weekend! 🎉
The Transformation of Charity through Web3 — Vriti Saraf
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