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The Airdropped University ✈️🎓

Scott David Meyer
Scott David Meyer
Hello again! It’s been a busy week.
I had the pleasure of being mentioned in EdSurge alongside learning partners Vriti and Bhaumik and Mercedes Bent, one of my favorite Twitter follows, shared the Web3 to Ed3 article! 😀
Most of the week, however, I’ve been diving into the topic for this week’s article: The Airdropped University. I’m excited to share it with you this week with a little preview below.

The Airdropped University — Full Article
The Airdropped University
Academic records could soon be stored on the public blockchain, referred to as an on-chain credential. These on-chain credentials unlock a new type of educational institution: the airdropped university.
✈️The airdropped university creates competition for existing education institutions by using public information from on-chain credentials.
Simply put, an educational institution could immediately launch and scale because it can find and incentive students and supporters.
To do this, The Airdropped University follows a simple three step process:
  1. Create a token
  2. Give token to ideal supporters
  3. Reward token holders
LooksRare provided a perfect example of this blueprint earlier this month, which you can read about in the article.
The Airdropped University in Action
The example in the article of Airdrop U and the blueprint for scale is a thought experiment, but one that is not far away.
Educators as varied as Odem, ASU, and Student Coin have already started the on-chain credential process- Airdrop U could be right behind.
It’s unlikely higher education will move to on-chain credentials until pressured by upstarts. As the change occurs, however, new opportunities and challenges will emerge.
The Airdropped University could:
  • Lower debt and improve affordability
  • Spark innovation through competition
  • Provide transparent and honest comparisons between schools
The Airdropped University could also:
  • Increase economic disparity
  • Tie students to experiences they want to forget
  • Commodify the education industry
Building the Future
Kranzberg’s First Law of Technology states:
Technology is neither good nor bad; nor is it neutral.
It is essential that educators, policymakers, and technologists explore the impacts of on-chain credentials now to build the future, rather than waiting for it to happen to them.
I hope this article will help spark thoughts and conversations. I’m excited to hear your thoughts.
As always, thanks for subscribing and sharing.
🍻 To the future!
The Airdropped University
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