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👋 Meet Blocksteps - Live Training for Web3

Scott David Meyer
Scott David Meyer
I am excited to write today with the result of months of learning and work in the web3 space. 💪
I’ll share the entire article in this email, but it’s also available online here.
While my brothers and I have been hard at work the past months, the adventure really starts way back in 2009.
That was the year my brother John and I were home for Easter. We had a realization: businesses needed to learn to use social media. 😱
It seems obvious now, but at the time there weren’t Facebook pages, let alone ads. Facebook was still basically devoid of parents. 👵
We started a company and went door-to-door convincing businesses they needed to learn this important skill. We knew they could grow their businesses if they could be brave enough to put themselves online.
That feeling of excitement and opportunity is back. This time it is with web3.

First day of work - 2009.
First day of work - 2009.
Understanding Web3
Web3 is the next evolution of the internet that allows users to create, own, and validate their information without a central authority.
This means new opportunities for:
  • Professionals and businesses to find talent and opportunities through DAOs
  • Artists and creators to sell their work through NFTs
  • Individuals to invest and earn interest through DeFi
  • Educators to validate and credential learning that is owned by the student in their digital wallet
  • And much, much more
Just like with social media, the ability to understand and use web3 technologies will be essential for the future of work. Learning these skills now will unlock personal and professional opportunities in the next evolution of the internet.
But, it’s scary.
Where do I buy Ethereum?
What’s a wallet?
Can I work in a DAO?
How can I make money in web3?
Is crypto bad for the environment?
How do I avoid scams?
These are just a small sample of the variety of questions we have been asked the past year as we explored and worked in web3.
After dozens of one-on-one meetings and training sessions, we realized we needed to teach and support professionals to understand, (and maybe even use), web3 technology personally and professionally.
Hence, Blocksteps. 😎
Creating a vision for Blocksteps in the rain.
Creating a vision for Blocksteps in the rain.
Introducing Blocksteps
Blocksteps is a web3 education provider offering live webinars, cohort-based courses, and a supportive community so you can learn and stay ahead in the fast-moving web3 world.
👉 It is free to join here:
We are excited because this collaborative project perfectly combines our interests and expertise:
  • John founded No Fun Team and is deep into the NFT world, identifying successful projects and helping local artists and creators share and sell their work.
  • Scott launched Ed3, writing about the future of web3 and education and participating in DAOs to scale learning and find job opportunities.
Together, along with a talented network of guest speakers and collaborators, we can make web3 fun and accessible.
Upcoming Blocksteps Events
In May, we are excited to bring three learning events that you can join.
May 3rd | 11am Central | Free
Learn more about NFTs, including:
  • What NFTs are and why they matter
  • Examples of different types of NFTs
  • How to evaluate an NFT project
  • How to purchase an NFT
  • The future of NFTs
May 10th | 11am Central | Free
Learn more about DAOs, including:
  • What a DAO is and why they matter
  • Examples of different types of DAOs
  • How to find and join a DAO
  • How to work (and get paid!) in a DAO
  • What DAOs mean for the future of work
May 17, 19, 24, 26 | 11-12:30pm Central | $499
Learn the foundations of web3 by taking action. With guided support from Scott and John during class, you will safely open your accounts and find the areas of web3 that interest you most.
By the end, you will have:
  • A digital wallet holding Ethereum that can accept and trade cryptocurrency
  • A membership NFT that you can show off in your OpenSea account and use for future courses
  • Experience trading on Level 1 and Level 2 chains to save gas fees and find the best yields
  • Membership in a DAO, where you can find talent, make money, and learn additional skills
Join the Meyer brothers to learn web3 fundamentals in just four 90-minute sessions. This is the best option if you want to get up-to-speed quickly with personal help. If you’re a company looking for a group plan, just contact us.
Create Change - Don't Let It Happen To You
The internet is going through a profound shift that offers opportunities and challenges for businesses and individuals.
This is the perfect time to learn more about what web3 is and the future it may portend.
Over 13 years ago, we had no idea the impact that social media would make on our lives and businesses - both positively and negatively.
Today, we are again at this crossroads. Web3 will change how we work, invest, collaborate, credential, shop, play, and more.
Whether it is with Blocksteps or on your own, I hope you’ll take a little bit of time to learn and experiment.
The best day to start was yesterday. The second best day is today.
See you in the metaverse. 🔮
Have a great weekend!
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