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From Web3 to Ed3

Scott David Meyer
Scott David Meyer
Welcome to the inaugural issue of Ed3 - a newsletter on scaling education. 🎉
I’ve been writing for years on my personal website - and many of you have been following on my journeys there from nomadic traveler to city councilor to entrepreneurship director. That is why you’re receiving this email! I thought you would be interested.
The past three years has led me into an exciting world I call ed3 - the overlap between education and technology, especially web3 technology (hence the name!)
I’m excited to focus more of my efforts on exploring and writing about this intersection. I’d love for you to come along.
What to Expect 😅
Get ready for some fun!
These newsletters will include blueprints, ideas, company features, and examples of how to scale education. I will look at models in traditional education - like schools and universities - and non-traditional educational efforts in businesses, DAO’s, organizations, and startups.
I think you’ll enjoy!
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I hope you’ll share these articles, add your comments and ideas, and help build the future of education.
What to Read This Week 🤓
So without further ado, let’s kickoff the inaugural issue with two articles (you’re special like that).
The first is an in-depth look at how education can take advantage of web3 technologies. Specifically, learn how to improve educational access, affordability, and accreditation with these technologies. I had fun writing this with co-authors in New York, London, and New Zealand.
The second is a live experiment I’m working on with a primary school in India. We are teaching the students how to open a crypto wallet and rewarding them with NFTs to see if it incentives learning. You can steal the blueprint and try it in your classroom or with your own kids!
There is much to learn and build. I’m excited to have you join me on this journey. 🙌

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Scott David Meyer
Scott David Meyer @MrScottMeyer

Ed3 is about scaling education, especially at the intersection of web3 + education 📈

Enjoy blueprints and ideas for traditional education, as well as businesses, DAO's, and startups.

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