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3 Events on the Future of Ed

Scott David Meyer
Scott David Meyer
Ed3 is tech-enabled personalized learning.
The interest in how this decentralized learning could change education is growing…so much that I have three live events next week.
I’ve been writing this week in preparation for these events, and I hope you can join! 🙏
Here’s a sneak peek and some free tickets for my subscribers. 👇
Have a great weekend!

How Will Web3 Impact Education with Coursera
Shravan Goli, the Chief Product Officer at Coursera, invited me to join a LinkedIn Live event talking about how web3 will impact education.
This will be a high-level, wide-ranging discussion on the move from institutional education to educational distribution (like Coursers) to educational ownership (ed3).
The Future of Decentralized Education with ICTE
The Global Citizenship Foundation brings education stakeholders from 70+ countries together to explore how to transform education for human flourishing. Right up my alley!
I’ll be sharing what changes we are likely to see in the short and long-term, and how these new technologies can increase access, accessibility, and change accreditation.
This session will be Friday the 20th at 9:30 UTC, which is 4:30am in Fargo, so if you are in the Europe, Africa, Asia, this is probably a good one for you!
You can register for a free ticket with this promo code just for my subscribers: ScottMeyer@ICTE2022.
Blocksteps Web3 Fundamentals
It’s hard to know where to get started with web3. Blocksteps Web3 Fundamentals helps.
My brother John and I are leading four live sessions to help you set-up a digital wallet, buy an NFT, trade crypto currency, and join a DAO.
This course is all about learning by doing. That’s why you pay $499 for the course, and then we send that money to your digital wallet as ETH to purchase the Blocksteps NFT and make your first trades.
The courses are May 17, 19, 24, and 26 from 11am to noon central with time for questions afterwards.
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Scott David Meyer
Scott David Meyer @MrScottMeyer

Ed3 is about scaling education, especially at the intersection of web3 + education 📈

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