Ed3 - Scaling education

By Scott David Meyer

Ed3 is about scaling education, especially at the intersection of web3 + education 📈 Enjoy blueprints and ideas for traditional education, as well as businesses, DAO's, and startups.

Ed3 is about scaling education, especially at the intersection of web3 + education 📈

Enjoy blueprints and ideas for traditional education, as well as businesses, DAO's, and startups.

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The Decentralized Education Future 🔭

Educators often talk about pathways - an attempt to map all the concepts a student should learn, all the experiences teachers hope they will have.Bodo Hoenen reimagines this concept in a way that fits our data-filled world. You can listen to him discuss it in…


Videos, Podcasts, Blogs, Oh My! 🌪

The Ed3 Podcast features audio versions of the Ed3 articles plus interviews with Ed3 builders. This week we featured Tim Connors, founder of 101.xyz. He is building a platform that generates credentials for non-traditional courses. In this conversation, we ex…


Web3's Time to Equitably Build 🔨 - Here's what you need

Numerous projects are underway right now shaping the future of education in the physical world using web3 technology - fondly referred to as ed3.These projects fall into two broad categories: primitives and solutions.Primitives are the building blocks of ed3.…


The Sheepskin Effect 🐑

Happy summer! 😎School is out in Fargo and the house is full. That means writing on the porch. Today, I wanted to dive into a concept I talk a lot about in podcast interviews like this one: the Sheepskin Effect. 🐑We know that if you go to 7 of 8 semesters at a…


The Education Evolution: Ed1 to Ed3

This week, I had the chance to speak to Coursera, a conference in India, and creatives in the Midwest on the future of education.Needless to say, there is momentum! 🚀These conversations helped me reflect on where education is, where education was, and where e…


3 Events on the Future of Ed

Shravan Goli, the Chief Product Officer at Coursera, invited me to join a LinkedIn Live event talking about how web3 will impact education. This will be a high-level, wide-ranging discussion on the move from institutional education to educational distribution…


The Disappearing NFT 💨

Hello from the border!Well, I'm always close to the border of Canada, but I've been thinking about it more this week since my passport is expiring! ✈️In the physical world, many of the credentials and licenses we have expire. How does that work digitally with…


👋 Meet Blocksteps - Live Training for Web3

Web3 is the next evolution of the internet that allows users to create, own, and validate their information without a central authority.This means new opportunities for:Professionals and businesses to find talent and opportunities through DAOsArtists and crea…


The Transformation of Liquid Money

Why Can't I Pay Myself?This week I did the impossible - I tried to move money from one bank to another bank. These banks are literally next to one another on the same block, one with my shiny Ed3 business account and the other with my personal account. Seems …


Intern to Earn - Digital Lessons, Local Change

Internships are a power economic tool for students and communities.In many ways, internships solve higher education’s problem of relevancy. By combining an academic course of study with a practical experience, students are better prepared to enter the workfor…


😎 Back(pack) to the Future - Digital Credentials with Soul

Happy Thursday!A big part of the future of education is digital credentials. How do we verify learning and accredit experience to enable new opportunities? 🧐As soon as I started learning about the digital credential world, there was one name that kept coming …


Regenerative Education - Grab Your Tomatoes 🍅

Olena was sitting on her balcony in Ukraine when she saw a Russian drone buzzing nearby. She reached down and grabbed a jar of her favorite homemade treat: pickled tomatoes with plums. She tossed the jar at the drone and knocked it out of the sky. 💥


10 Steps to Teach Web3 in 60 Minutes

Over a million Ukrainians are now refugees, pouring across the borders in Europe in an echo of the great migrations in the 1990’s and World War II.


DAOs as Future Educational Institutions ❤️ 🧠 💪

DAOs have the heart of a non-profit, the brain of a co-op, and the body of a C-corp. ❤️ 🧠 💪Simply put: a DAO is a community with a shared treasury. One might consider them an evolved co-op.While DAOs and co-ops both strive to bring value to, and empower their…


Strategic DAO Frameworks: The Meyer Matrix and Smiling Dao Curve

DAOs, are a new way to organize work and learning. This Cambrian explosion of decentralized organization creates unparalleled opportunity to solve major challenges, create innovative ideas, learn together, and simply have fun with likeminded friends.


The Airdropped University ✈️🎓

Academic records could soon be stored on the public blockchain, referred to as an on-chain credential. These on-chain credentials unlock a new type of educational institution: the airdropped university.✈️The airdropped university creates competition for exist…


DeFI + DeCredential - How Education Can ⬇️ Debt + ⬆️ Access with Decentralization

💰 DeFi to help De-debt (and more) Last week I had the pleasure of working with Vriti Saraf on forecasting potential intersections of decentralized finance - of DeFi - and education.DeFi could clearly help students lower their debt burdens. Loans on DeFi platf…


From Web3 to Ed3

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Ed3 - a newsletter on scaling education. 🎉I've been writing for years on my personal website - and many of you have been following on my journeys there from nomadic traveler to city councilor to entrepreneurship director. Tha…